Headford GAA Last Man Standing   09/01/2018

Headford GAA club are running a last man standing competition which commences on the first weekend of February 03/02/2018.

To enter simply download the attached form, fill out the details and either email it onto: or else print out the form and return to a member of the Headford GAA club.

Another Way to enter is to just fill out the form below and pay the entry fee to a member of the Headford GAA club


All entries must be received by Friday 02/02/18. 

Entry to the competition is €10 with a prize fund of €500 up for grabs.

Each entry must contain an email address as this is how each player will be contacted and asked for their next round picks if they are still in the competition. 

If you have any queries you can email  us at or else get in contact through our Headford GAA club Facebook page. 

Headford GAA Club Last Man Standing.docx


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